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Yes please.

I need more details about what file types I can put on it and how well it handles annotations but if it’s this nice in person I think I might get one. B&N is slightly more slimy than Amazon but at least it uses ePub and not Kindle format. The touchscreen is the thing though. I just can’t deal with the Kindle’s micro keyboard or the annoying navigation- it feels a bit like trying to do things on a 2001 Nokia.

Check out the link for some dimly lit but still rad looking video of it in action.

Barnes & Noble new Nook hands-on updated with video. via This is my next…


From Danish artist Mads Johansen

Elfoid is the human-shaped phone from Japan that tickles when it rings

Wait, what?

via Engadget

If I could just get Linux (something Debian based) to install on my iPad I’d buy this thing in a heartbeat.


via Engadget- Clamcase iPad keyboard case review .

Lifehacker, along with every other Gawker property, experienced a lengthy site-outage on Monday over a misbehaving piece of JavaScript. Gawker sites were reduced to being an empty homepage layout with zero content, functionality, ads, or even legal disclaimer wording. Every visitor coming through via Google bounced right back out, because all the content was missing.

Gawker, like Twitter before it, built their new site to be totally dependent on JavaScript, even down to the page URLs. The JavaScript failed to load, so no content appeared, and every URL on the page was broken. In terms of site brittleness, Gawker’s new implementation got turned up to 11.

isolani-Breaking the Web with hash-bangs

What a mess.

Via Gizmodo.


Worlds worst hacker | George Hedfors.

You Can Create Holograms Right Now, Using This $1 iPad App and a DSLR.

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

The comments on this article over at Ars Technica are a glass of mental mint julep after wading through the shallow end of the cesspool at Engadget yesterday.

Link: Oracle’s Java lawsuit undermines its open source credibility.


I have the most underwhelming super power ever. Check it out:

Engadget Gets a New Commenting System


I want this bigtime.

via tuaw.

I was just writing a gloomy post about my perennial obsession with trying to play the full Magnetic Windows version of Guild of Thieves on my Mac… and my inevitable failure.

I never beat the game (I got caught in an unwinnable state) and it still bugs me… since 1991. There, I admitted it. I’ve run the classic Amiga, C64 and Amstrad text versions using the magnetiX interpreter (among others) but for me the only way to fully regain my honor was to play it the way I did in the first place.

So I had just installed yet another really questionable emulator on my Mac and loaded up what turned out to be the text version. When my laptop went totally borko my automatic response to my technological failure was, as it has been since Aaron showed me this comic, Me am go too far.

But then. A gossamer Google thread lead to the files I’ve been looking for and an emulator that will run it properly.

Thank the internet gods! I finally got it.

I almost cried, I swear to god. Instead I ran around holding my laptop on high shouting


EpicWin aims to turn your real-life tasks into a social game.

I think this might just be the only task manager that would compel me to get off my lazy ass and do things.


Think I’m switching from Indexhibit to Stacey. Its flexible, no DB.

I love it so far, but then I like hand coding so…

Jesus! I thought this was some extreme euro hipster websperiment. I’m so delighted it isn’t that I don’t know what to with all this joy I’m feeling.

Yvette has managed to cram every rad ass thing ever made for the interwebs into one glorious page.

(via mademistakes)

Well I found a Mac Twitter client that doesn’t suck:

Echofon desktop version.

I hadn’t tried it since I assumed it would basically be like the FF addon. It’s not.

So since this one has all the other stuff I wanted I decided that single column wasn’t so bad after all. It does lists, threaded convos, a choice of RT styles (ctl click), and you can view profiles and their recent tweets within the app. It has most of the other bells and whistles as well.

I don’t really dig the glaring white color scheme but that’s minor. Hopefully they’ll include at least a little control over colors in a future version.