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I love this too much.

Biodegradable carl (via idan x)

(via flickr bushelsandapeck)

Progrock naming diagram

(via cracked)

Link: Skiffy

Luke Butler

(via 9gag)

via New Scientist Body illusions: The Beeblebrox

Shadow of the Katamari

via casuallyhardcore.net

Link: FMyLife Moments in Greek Mythology


After the Greeks began to burn down my city, I was ordered to leave. I was hurrying out of Troy with my son, my father (who can’t walk), and my household gods. The one thing I forgot? My wife. Now she’s dead. FML”

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

Link: Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle inspires Little Big Planet levels

oh dear, this makes me want to cheat on my G10.

I mean, this is hot stuff- micro four thirds, interchangeable lenses, oldschool tank styling… and it’s only what, $400 more? ugh.

Lumix DMC-GF1 (via engaget) see also: dpreview


See what happens when you unsubscribe from a bunch of frivolous feeds??? You wind up living under a giant boring rock, missing the most important news… namely Katamari Forever.

Sorry Subs & Hal, but its PS3 for now. Left 4 Dead will just have to wait. You understand, right?

Link: MOON // A Film by Duncan Jones

if this is playing anywhere near you then go see it. its absolutely brilliant.

if you’re in town its at the angelika.