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I was just writing a gloomy post about my perennial obsession with trying to play the full Magnetic Windows version of Guild of Thieves on my Mac… and my inevitable failure.

I never beat the game (I got caught in an unwinnable state) and it still bugs me… since 1991. There, I admitted it. I’ve run the classic Amiga, C64 and Amstrad text versions using the magnetiX interpreter (among others) but for me the only way to fully regain my honor was to play it the way I did in the first place.

So I had just installed yet another really questionable emulator on my Mac and loaded up what turned out to be the text version. When my laptop went totally borko my automatic response to my technological failure was, as it has been since Aaron showed me this comic, Me am go too far.

But then. A gossamer Google thread lead to the files I’ve been looking for and an emulator that will run it properly.

Thank the internet gods! I finally got it.

I almost cried, I swear to god. Instead I ran around holding my laptop on high shouting


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