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Yes please.

I need more details about what file types I can put on it and how well it handles annotations but if it’s this nice in person I think I might get one. B&N is slightly more slimy than Amazon but at least it uses ePub and not Kindle format. The touchscreen is the thing though. I just can’t deal with the Kindle’s micro keyboard or the annoying navigation- it feels a bit like trying to do things on a 2001 Nokia.

Check out the link for some dimly lit but still rad looking video of it in action.

Barnes & Noble new Nook hands-on updated with video. via This is my next…

If I could just get Linux (something Debian based) to install on my iPad I’d buy this thing in a heartbeat.


via Engadget- Clamcase iPad keyboard case review .

Via Gizmodo.

Man, I seriously want this thing. A chainmail pocket protector would be nice too.


via Gizmodo

All For The Mountain Phalanx Necklace.

I want this bigtime.

via tuaw.

Lordy this thing is sexy. Look at it!

Sobral Flash Harvey Bracelet – Max and Chloe.

God that’s epic.

by Kiddy Amunda (via Craftzine)

Saw this nice iPhone skin from Infectious in an article about the Firefox syncing app. Can’t wait for that, Weave might finally be useful for me.

ClamCase iPad case magically turns your tablet into a laptop — Engadget


via Craftzine.com

C’mon Uncommon, hurry up with those iPad cases already.

Eden Purse

Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome Chief Executive Yvan Arpa poses with a prototype of the “Moon Dust-DNA” collection which incorporates authentic fragments from the aerospace universe. (via Watchmaker uses spare parts from space – Technology – theage.com.au

via notcot


Style Bubble: Walk in Space