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I’ve been looking for a decent twitter client forever. It’s the thing that keeps me off twitter for the most part. I usually just use Echofon for Firefox, which is fine if you’re doing most of the broadcasting and not a lot of following. But I’ve really started liking the idea of twitter lists and the Echofon addon doesn’t do lists (or much else really).

So I started really looking for a Mac twitter client and it’s pretty sad out there.

Tweetdeck and Seesmic do everything you could possibly want (with FB integration, multi-column, etc) but they are Air apps, and Air sucks mightily. All I have to do is fire one of them up and all of a sudden my laptop starts sounding like a jet engine and feeling like it’s about to catch fire.

(WTF Adobe? It’s hard to not come down on Apple’s side of things when every time I interact with your products I feel like you’re actually trying to break my shit. And what’s with PC/Flash/Air devs making everything black with #ccc text? I feel like they’re all written by teenage boys who put neon in their casemods and play too much WOW.)

Aaanyway. Put DestroyTwitter in that category as well, along with the fact that it hasn’t seen an update in a while.

Tweetie is a plain jane little single column affair that isn’t any better than Echofon, IMO. But maybe now that twitter has bought the app it will get more features, who knows.

Twitterrific is boring, overly simple and seems to be gasping it’s last breath.

Nambu looked really great. After all the positive reviews with impressive screenshots I thought this was going to be it. And then I installed it and discovered that they actually took out most of the features that prompted me to download it. And frankly the developer’s grumpy attitude is a bit off putting. Now it looks like he’s so defeated over twitter acquiring Tweetie… is this thing even going to be around in 6 months? Who knows. Maybe Seesmic will gobble them up too.  :/

Socialite (formerly Eventbox) is alright. I mean, it’s pretty and everything. But the developers don’t seem to like inline anything. I have to switch windows to see comments? And I either need it to include ping.fm support or let me cross post to FB and twitter within the app. The Flickr integration is shallow as hell. No filtering to speak of and every time I start the app it forgets that I’ve already read those 2000+ items. So um, yeah. Not going to be giving them $30 (!) anytime soon.

There are a bunch I haven’t even bothered with because they’re single column, no group or List support or they don’t include features that have been out for a long while.

Soooo I guess if I want to use twitter beyond getting infrequent updates from a few friends I’m stuck with the web version.



After using Tweetie a bit more I’m beginning to like it. It does a good job of drilling down into user info and showing conversations. But it doesn’t do lists or groups, nor does it allow you to mute people temporarily. I am really hoping those things wind up in the official Twitter app.

Also, TweetDeck started behaving itself somewhat CPU wise, but it still shoots up to 90% every once in a while which freaks me. Dammit, I wish they’d just make a native app. Balls.

Is it just me or does the whole guy look like an android?

and is that Billy Bob over there at the mic?

Mind-controlled prosthetic arm moving to market in Europe

Germany-based Otto Bock Healthcare has announced that its prototype prosthetic arm which can be controlled by thought is ready to hit the market.

(via Engadget)

Link: Netflix stealth launches HD streaming to PC and Mac

I am hearting Netflix so hard right now

(by NRJP) via SciFi Books Pool

Link: Fluid lets you embed webpages as your desktop or in menu bar

huh. How is it that I have this and didn’t know it could do that? Maybe I’ll ditch Rainlendar for a gCal desktop.


Link: Flavors.me

Finally tried out flavors.me

It’s a personal landing page that pulls together your content from places you post online (flickr, twitter, blogs, facebook, etc) and puts them in one spot, which is useful if you don’t have a central website.

You can set it up in seriously about 5 minutes, it’s really straightforward. And it’s got the whole sexy minimalism thing going on.

What I’m not digging about it is that it’s partially Flash based, so I’m not sure it’s somewhere you can reliably send people if they’re going to be looking at it on a cell phone (or an ipad, unfortunately).

Their blog says they’re considering rolling out the ability to post to multiple sites in the future which sounds terrific, but like I said- if you can’t do that while mobile it doesn’t sound quite as hot.

There are some nice examples of what people have done with it in the directory. I haven’t spent much time messing with it but if you want to see it in action you can look at mine here.

via engadget.com

New open standards created in the mobile era, such as HTML5, will win on mobile devices (and PCs too). Perhaps Adobe should focus more on creating great HTML5 tools for the future, and less on criticizing Apple for leaving the past behind.

Steve Jobs
April, 2010

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the iPad, a Pogo stylus and the excellent Harmony web app = the most fun I’ve had drawing in a while.

I’m super happy with the stylus, its pretty small and so far totally accurate. The autodesk Sketchbook app rocks socks with this thing. I was going to order the it off the pogo site but I asked about it at the Apple store and and they went and got one out of the back. I don’t know why they don’t have them on the shelves or on the Apple site.

I just found Harmony after reading a review of a drawing app based off it. I don’t see the advantage in buying the app so much- just go to mrdoob.com/projects/harmony/ and bookmark it to your home screen. For some reason it makes everything you do look automagically rad.

I was feeling kinda guilty about spending the money on the iPad but the drawing apps and stylus totally justified it in the end.

Seriously. You have to see the animated gif of this thing moving. Jeebus.


Progrock naming diagram

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via New Scientist Body illusions: The Beeblebrox

Shadow of the Katamari

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Link: Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle inspires Little Big Planet levels