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Really lovely.

So like Lost. But with zombies.

Dead Island Trailer.

I think someone asked me and Sunday to sketch this out for a backpiece once.

I know I know! Nobody can believe I’m not watching True Blood. But after just finishing the first book and seeing a few clips I’m afraid this might be a pretty accurate recap of every episode (except with more tittehs):


Don’t get me wrong- I have great and embarrassing affection for goofy sexy vampire stuff. But I don’t think I can handle the over the top accents and Sookeh’s adorably folksy southern moxie.

(On a side note, what is up with lateral incisors fangs? When did everyone stop making them the canines? Maybe it makes the actors better able to deliver lines but it just looks stupid)

Amber Lamps and a vampire. The interwebs is being funny today.

Amber Lamps

A woman in Colorado claims she saw a vampire on the road, causing her to throw the car in reverse and drive it into a canal. (via io9)


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Nobody ever talks about the beans of time


“He fell in love with this specific pigeon. What an asshole”

Drunk History vol. 6 w/ John C. Reilly & Crispin Glover



Spike-nosed tree frog and tame woolly rat found in Indonesian New Guinea

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there’s life in this old meme yet

My favorite.

Also. I wish you could Submit, I have an overwhelming urge to contribute.

Marilyn Monroe 1946 + a young Christopher Walken

rare celebrity photos

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I love this too much.