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Sleeping on a completely reversed schedule. Working while everyone else is asleep and things are too quiet. Listening to the same playlist too many times. Probably unwise.

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This is one of the reasons I decided not to pursue making jewelry. It’s bad enough that it’s a given that anything you do is sure to be copied a bazillion times on Etsy, but more and more mass retailers do it all the time now too.


i make shiny things : Not cool Urban Outfitters, not cool.


update - Well hell, I guess she is on Etsy, ffs:  Regretsy | Urban Outrage

While searching for some hair ideas for a painting I got sidetracked by Jesse Spencer, and the greater question of why are Australian men so freaking pretty? In researching this important topic I discovered that Jesse Spencer and James McAvoy were roommates when they were younger. Jesus.

Dammit I’m sad about Elizabeth Taylor. I was standing in line to get some nice falafel when I heard and I got weepy (of course I’m also sort of exhausted).

I just adored her and I’m too sad about it. Because 99% of my friends growing up were southern queens who just worshiped her, because I spent a year of my teens doing a series of dioramas of Liz in her boudoirs, because she seemed like the most brassy, elegant thing ever… I don’t know. Maybe it’s just that she was so epically beautiful.


The comments on this article over at Ars Technica are a glass of mental mint julep after wading through the shallow end of the cesspool at Engadget yesterday.

Link: Oracle’s Java lawsuit undermines its open source credibility.


I have the most underwhelming super power ever. Check it out:

Engadget Gets a New Commenting System


Hooray for this MeFi thread. I’ve been thinking that I was maybe secretly retarded all this time.

For instance: Until my mid 20′s I pronounced the word pamphlet pamp-let. Pretty embarrassing when you’re producing them for a living.

I still cannot seem to say ancient properly. My stupid mouth wants to say AINGK-shunt. I think it must be a southern verbal tic. Now I have a total complex about it so of course I say it wrong every time – except now I get nervous and say it wrong veeery slooowly. Ugh.

For most of my life I thought gospel was pronounced gos-full. But it’s okay, I probably only sounded stupid to the christian kids and they didn’t like me anyway.

Oh, and it wasn’t until Harry Potter came out that I learned that what I had thought was the most beautiful girl’s name ever, wasn’t pronounced HERM-ee-own, but rather Her-miny and rhymed with “her hiney”.

My most recent embarrassment was when Sunday was here visiting and kept giggling at me every time I said the word strength. When I asked what was so funny she was like “No! It’s totally cute!” (yes. like a gimpy cat is cute). I had no idea I was leaving out the g. No idea. When I heard someone saying “strenth” the other day I had this horrible little time travel moment where I flashed back to all the times I must have sounded like a walleyed hill person.

The irony of all this is that I think this mainly afflicts people who read a lot. Dammit, it’s not like I read a book with a dictionary in the other hand.

To make matters worse when I look things up now I have a tendency to automatically use Wikipedia, which uses that goddamn international phonetic guide. How the hell is the Ω symbol supposed to help me pronounce a word?? Yotz.

But I feel better.

(There is a ton of other great stuff in this thread that I had no idea about. I mean, Arby’s = RBs = Roast Beef.  Right. Jesus, of course.)

You were doing it wrong | Ask MetaFilter. (via lifehacker)

teefs (by leesa.leva)

So yeah, it kills me.

Ever since Gertie had all her bottom teeth pulled this has been going on. And while I’m genuinely sad about her losing her teeth, I’d be lying if I said this thing that’s happening right here didn’t delight me to no end.

And good gawd, every time she tries to nibble on things now and just winds up impotently gumming them— I have to try very hard not to squeal and laugh at her. It hurts her feelings, you know.

squee! (by leesa.leva)

Look what I got today for no reason. Well, Aaron’s great, that’s a reason.

I’ve got tons of acorn tops that I’ve been meaning to do something crafty with forever. Maybe he got tired of waiting to see what I’d do with them and gave me the results of a less lazy person. Works for me.

FYP (by leesa.leva)

The crazy delicious results of Aaron’s blueberry picking mania.
For a month I had to listen to his alarm going off every other day reminding him to check if the blueberry farm was open. And then he got up at an insane hour on his day off, drove 2 hours and wound up with a wicked sunburn. But oh man, was it worth it.

Fuck Yeah Pie.

Ok! so the WordPress blog is coming back from the dead.

The 3.0 upgrade was too sessy and now that I can post with the tumblr style bookmarklet there’s really no reason not to move everything back over here.

I’m going to merge all my tumblr posts into this blog so prepare for an onslaught of new/old posts and for things to maybe get published multiple times and just be borked in general. Sorry if it gets annoying but everything will be back to normal soon.

yay WP!

I’ve been seriously wanting to take a road trip lately. I was thinking about places to go in Nevada when I saw this weird fantastic geyser on TV today. WTF?!

Unfortunately it’s on private property and not open to the public, which is a shame since it’s close to some other places I’d like to go.


Fly Geyser (by Michael Flick)

Progrock naming diagram

(via cracked)

After a long month or so of me trying to get Azuki well and back to his normal happy self he decided it was too much for him.

So goodbye friend, I loved you so.

well, i’m starting out the new year on a stellar note:  a dandy 3rd degree burn on my thumb (don’t play with fireworks kiddies) and a spider bite on my ear within minutes of 2008 ending. otherwise it was a smashy good time for all.

happy new year! its all uphill from here.