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Elfoid is the human-shaped phone from Japan that tickles when it rings

Wait, what?

via Engadget

So like Lost. But with zombies.

Dead Island Trailer.

If I could just get Linux (something Debian based) to install on my iPad I’d buy this thing in a heartbeat.


via Engadget- Clamcase iPad keyboard case review .

Lifehacker, along with every other Gawker property, experienced a lengthy site-outage on Monday over a misbehaving piece of JavaScript. Gawker sites were reduced to being an empty homepage layout with zero content, functionality, ads, or even legal disclaimer wording. Every visitor coming through via Google bounced right back out, because all the content was missing.

Gawker, like Twitter before it, built their new site to be totally dependent on JavaScript, even down to the page URLs. The JavaScript failed to load, so no content appeared, and every URL on the page was broken. In terms of site brittleness, Gawker’s new implementation got turned up to 11.

isolani-Breaking the Web with hash-bangs

What a mess.

Via Gizmodo.


Worlds worst hacker | George Hedfors.