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can we live here?

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Jeremy Scott’s new sneakers for Adidas (NYLON)

Link: Flickr Launches iPhone-Friendly Mobile Version


Weighing a mere 17.6 ounces (500 grams) and just 6 inches (2.4 centimeters) tall, this tiny fawn was rescued from the womb of a muntjac deer after being taken to a wildlife hospital when it was struck by a car. (via Real Life Bambi Saved from Womb after Mother Killed)

Nintendo DSi hitting US ‘well into’ 2009

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my hero:

Man Jumped a Shark to Save Dog

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Link: Katamari Wallpapers on Flickr

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Craftzine.com: Dollhouse Katamari

Internet & cable, huzzah! I’ve rejoined civilization. Its sad how incapacitated I’ve felt without them. Guess I’m not the log cabin type

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